Report: Ben Affleck’s Batman will face Deathstroke in solo film

Affleck shares a tease of the classic comic baddie on social media


Ben Affleck is currently utility belt-deep in DC Films’ branch of the Extended Universe. He’s nearing the end of filming Justice League with Zack Snyder, and he’s already looking forward to the solo Batman movie he’s set to direct. Early this morning, he took to social media to tease a potential villain for the film, and now TheWrap has confirmed that the tease is indeed real.

According to “an individual with knowledge of the situation,” Affleck’s Bat will indeed do battle with Deathstroke in the upcoming film. The actor/writer/director revealed what appears to be screen test footage of the character via Twitter, which you can watch below.

That heavily armored suit is a pretty close recreation of the one worn by Slade Wilson in the comic books. Known as Deathstroke or Deathstroke the Terminator, the character was created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez to be the most dangerous mercenary/assassin in the DC universe. He first appeared in a 1980 issue of The New Teen Titans, going on to become a mainstay advisory of the group. His first encounter with Batman came in 1991, and even appeared as a boss in the Batman Arkham Origins game.

Deathstroke has appeared as a major antagonist in The CW’s Arrow, portrayed by Manu Bennett. A comment by that show’s creator, Marc Guggenheim, first led to speculation that Slade Wilson could be moving to the cinematic branch of the DC Extended Universe. When asked if the character might reappear in the series’ fourth season, Guggenheim responded, “The character of Slade Wilson is currently tied up in another DC project.” Looks like that project has now been unveiled.

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