Rising pop duo Oyster Kids premiere new song “Gum (Everybody’s My Friend)” — listen

An anthem for all the misfits of Los Angeles


Photo by Blake Zimmerman

Indie pop duo Oyster Kids may be fresh faces to the music scene, but when it comes to their hometown of Los Angeles, they know it like the back of their hands. However, although the metropolis is one of, if not the most, bustling in California, it can get a little stifling and monotone from time to time.

Cue: The rising band’s latest single, “Gum (Everybody’s My Friend)”, an ode for those looking to break free from the herd of sheeple to forge their own path. “Go tell everybody, get right cause everyone is outta touch,” Oyster Kids coo with both conviction and a sense of cool. They’re backed by a low-key yet catchy backdrop that recalls the simple and melodic genius of Foster the People.

In a statement to Consequence of Sound, the group says the track was directly inspired by the City of Angels, adding, “living here, we’re constantly surrounded by pressures to fit in. It’s very easy to get caught up in it all. ‘Gum’ is our summer anthem for misfits everywhere.”

Check out the snappy number below.

Previously, we premiered Oyster Kids’ second-ever single, “Lips”.

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