Swet Shop Boys (Heems and The Night Of’s Rizwan Ahmed) share “Tiger Hologram” — listen

Hip-hop duo do partying as well as they do politics


Since the end of Das Racist, Heems has low-key been making absolutely great rap music that straddles the line between swank-ass rappin’ and soapbox shouting. And Swet Shop Boys — his project with rapper/actor Riz MC (a.k.a. Rizwan Ahmed of The Night Of) — is no exception.

We’ve already heard a bit of the political side from the group’s upcoming debut album Cashmere (the massive, TSA-bashing “T5”) and the Boys are following that up with a silly club track called “Tiger Hologram”. Where “T5” was all booming paranoia and anger, this latest track bounces and rolls over an insane Redinho beat that sounds like a old Casio’s chiptune-y preset of Bollywood music. Heems and Riz use the beat to desperately vie for the attention of an elusive woman, the titular “Tiger Hologram”. Check it out below:

Everything we know about Cashmere suggests that it’s going to be the party album that you learn a lot from. Even the title evokes both luxury and the border region between Heems’ and Riz’s ancestral homes of India and Pakistan. In short, it’s going to be way more flames than any address to the U.N. you’ve ever heard.

Cashmere is out on Customs October 14th.

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