Tiny Little Houses grapple with the world’s chaos on new “Song Despite Apathy” — listen

Melbourne indie rock outfit preview upcoming Snow Globe EP


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    Between the devastating earthquakes, monstrous flooding, and well, Trump’s whole damn presidential run, it’s easy to feel as though our planet might be on the verge of imploding from total disorder. At the very least, much of what’s in the news can make us feel small and helpless enough to genuinely question whether the future is even ours to control.

    Such heavy, existential reflections are the subject of “Song Despite Apathy”, the new single taken from Aussie indie rockers Tiny Little Houses. “I hear bombs and suiciding teens/ Their blood is crying,” recounts frontman Caleb Karvountzis, his charging voice accompanied by thick and fuzzy bouncing guitars (think Neutral Milk Hotel reworked to match the chaos of 2016). “Deep below the surface I can feel us dying/ And it seems like no one cares or knows.”

    Karvountzis tells Consequence of Sound that their latest offering “is a contemplation of faith, fear, sin and death in a world increasingly out of control,” adding, “It’s about the limitations to human empathy and how frustratingly powerless we are in a system which seems to doom us to repeat the same mistakes both personally and throughout society.”


    Stream the track below.

    “Song Despite Apathy” is the first single taken from Tiny Little Houses’ upcoming Snow Globe EP, which officially drops on October 7th via Ivy League Records. Snow Globe follows their 2015 well-received debut EP, You Tore My Heart Out.

    “Song Despite Apathy” Artwork:

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