Adele would fank you kindly if you stopped ‘manspreading’

UK pop singer has had it with your rudely angled knees


    Adele has proven over and over again that she is all of us. Whether it’s expressing the world’s heartbreak through song or being hella shook up by the Brangelina news, the 25 singer just gets us. And now she’s taken on a cause near and dear to the hearts of anyone who regularly rides public transit: manspreading.

    For those unfamiliar, “manspreading” is the practice of taking up way more than your allotted space by pointing your knees outward while you sit. It’s most commonly done by dudes, hence the name.

    During her Madison Square Garden show on September 22, Adele admitted that she’s been guilty of spreading out into other people’s space before, but told the New York crowd that the practice should be avoided in general.

    “Close your legs, men,” she told the audience, who we have no doubt are familiar with the idea.

    In fact, the “manspreading” epidemic reached a point in New York where the MTA commissioned an ad campaign to combat it. If only they knew that they could just have Adele chastise the entire city, they could have saved some coin.