Godzilla Resurgence is coming to the US by way of Japan – watch

The Japanese reboot of the famed series will see U.S. release for just one week in October


    Kaiju movies have enjoyed something of a revival in the new millennium, and it couldn’t be more welcome. Whether it’s the giddy fun of Pacific Rim, the street-level horror of Cloverfield, the lilting anguish of Monsters, or the genre-bending madness of The Host, filmmakers have continued to find ways to keep one of film’s oldest genre traditions alive and, in some cases, innovative.

    Now, much like Independence Day before it, Godzilla will enjoy a resurgence. Godzilla Resurgence (titled Shin Godzilla in Japan) is getting a limited, but essential, American release to coincide with its larger global rollout. (It’s currently the highest-grossing domestic film of the year in Japan.) While the sequel to Gareth Edwards’ successful 2014 Godzilla is still gestating, Toho’s 29th (!) Godzilla feature is a reboot of the famed series, since no part of the world is truly safe from the remake era. Imagining the famed monster’s first appearance if it happened in modern times, the film looks to feature all of the hallmarks audiences have come to expect from a proper Godzilla feature, including but not limited to:

    — wildly unsuccessful military strikes
    — populations running in terror through the streets
    — immaculate, grotesque character design
    — multiple cast members of The Simpsons
    — furiously muttered arguments between government officials

    Directed by Hideaki Anno, the creator of Neon Genesis Evangelion, the U.S. release of Godzilla Resurgence will last for just one week in select theaters, from October 11th – 18th.


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