Sorry Kevin Bacon, but Tremors 6 is now a thing

Michael Gross, Jamie Kennedy, and director Don Michael Paul reunite for more graboids


Well, this is awkward: Despite Kevin Bacon’s interest in returning to the Tremors franchisein the form of a television series, no less — franchise hero Michael Gross says a sixth entry is on the way. Even better, he’ll reunite with Tremors 5: Bloodlines co-star Jamie Kennedy and director Don Michael Paul.

Here’s the proof (via Gross’ Facebook):

Asked if this new project was in any way, shape, or form linked to whatever Bacon is cooking up in the kitchen, Gross sadly replied, “I’ve heard nothing about Kevin’s series, so must assume I will not be involved.” To be fair, while Bacon has been reluctant to return in the past, Gross has kept the series alive as Burt Gummer for over two decades.

So, this should prove interesting. In the meantime, revisit our anniversary commemoration of the 1990 original.

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