Swet Shop Boys (Heems and Riz Ahmed) get hassled by the TSA in “T5” video — watch

Das Racist rapper and The Night Of actor share visual from collaborative album, Cashmere


It was hard to miss the point of “T5”, the lead-off single of Swet Shop Boys upcoming album Cashmere. The chorus of “oh no, we’re in trouble, TSA always wanna bust my bubble, always get the ‘random check’ when I rock the stubble” explicitly names the target of the track. But just in case you’re more of a visual thinker, Riz MC and Heems have spelled it out for you in their new video.

The duo suffer through interrogations from TSA agents (Heems angrily, Riz quietly). Even though Heems is giving them far more grief, he’s the only one who makes it to his plane. The Night Of actor gets black-bagged and shipped off to God knows where as Himanshu takes off with a glass of champagne in his hand. Check it out up top via The Fader.

The duo have been batting 1000 since they announced their debut LP. Every track they’ve dropped from “Shottin'” to “Tiger Hologram” has been great. Be on the lookout for this album when it drops on October 14th.


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