Swet Shop Boys (Heems and Riz Ahmed) take aim at racial profiling on “Shottin'” — listen

From the hip-hop outfit's forthcoming debut, Cashmere


Perhaps no entertainer’s star is rising faster than that of Riz Ahmed. Not only is there Emmy talk for his part in The Night Of and a big role coming up in Star Wars: Rogue One, but he’s also set to release a new album as part of Swet Shop Boys. With Cashmere out October 14th, the collaborative project also featuring former Das Racist member Heems and producer Redinho has already garnered buzz with the tracks “T5”, “Tiger Hologram”, and “Zayn Malik”. Now, the group has shared another new song in the form of the politically charged “Shottin'”.

With a woozy beat thumping underneath, both rappers address the current hot-button issue of racial profiling. In particular, they touch on the life of Muslims in America and how the heat has been turned up in recent years. “Still dealin’ with these goofy ass cops/ ‘Cause I like Islam they think I build bombs/ I would quit, but too bad ’cause I is strong,” spits Heems. “He had less heat when he was shottin’,” Riz MC says on the hook. “Now the FEDs on his case, say he’s plottin’/ They see him on the corner like we got ‘im/ He wasn’t doing nothin’, but they shot him.”

Take a listen below.

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