Swet Shop Boys (Heems and The Night Of’s Riz Ahmed) share “Zayn Malik” — listen

The first track from the duo's Cashmere LP is all about role models


Riz Ahmed is a budding actor who deserves an Emmy for his role as Naz in The Night Of, and who also has a big role in the upcoming Star Wars anthology film The Rogue One. The 33-year-old London native is also an established MC, who recently joined forces with former Das Racist member Heems under the banner, Swet Shop Boys. The duo are set to release their debut full-length, Cashmere, on October 14th. They’ve already let loose two tracks from the album in “T5” and “Tiger Hologram”, and now they’ve unveiled a third.

“Zayn Malik” is in fact named after the former One Direction member. As Riz explains in a press release, “We got in the booth and pretty much free-styled this track. At the time it just flowed but stepping back I see how there’s a thread in there about aspiration and role models. It’s confusing for our youth about who to look up to; radicals or pop stars, or neither. Somewhere out there Heems is ‘a college dorm room poster’ tho, and maybe that’s something.”

Listen below. And if anyone can clue me in on where I can purchase a Heems dorm room poster, that would be appreciated.

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