Xenia Rubinos bikes around NYC in 360-degree video for “See Them” — watch

NYC CoSign takes to the streets of her native city in 360-degree style


    Here’s something you don’t see every day: A 360-degree panoramic music video that lets you choose how to watch it. The fact that it comes from recent NYC CoSign and all-around badass Xenia Rubinos only makes the two-wheeled adventure that is “See Them” all the better.

    In the video, Rubinos takes to the streets of New York City on a bike outfitted with a special camera that captures every angle of the action. Yet it’s still the song that grabs our attention, unfolding like a book with many chapters dedicated to the gospel of soul, funk, and R&B.

    “‘See Them’ is one of my favorite songs on the album because it feels like a choose-your-own-adventure Goosebumps book,” says Rubinos. “I was also getting into watching all these vogue dance battles online when I wrote, and I think those beats and watching all these super-stylish dancers doing these drops in stilettos was what inspired the beats on this song. I just wanted to make something really fun and imagined people vogueing to it.”


    Kudos to director Armando Croda for bringing this high-concept idea to life, but Rubinos deserves even more praise for not crashing that damn bike into a wall. “I’m not very sporty, so this film shoot was particularly dangerous and challenging after 12 hours of biking and singing loudly through the NYC streets,” she says. “I just kept imagining that everyone around me was vogueing and dancing. I drove around town with a heavy contraption strapped to my handlebars, no glasses on (I can’t see distance), and an IDGAF attitude! It was really fun! Main takeaway is: ‘Where you gonna put the brown girl now? She’s tearin’ it up!’”

    Check out the video above, and scroll down for instructions on how to watch it in full 360 glory. “See Them” originally appears on Rubinos’ second LP, Black Terry Cat, available now.

    “See Them” Viewing Instructions:

    The best way to watch this 360 video is on an iPhone with or without Google Cardboard. If you use Google Cardboard, just press the glasses icon.


    Make sure the video quality is set to at least 1080p60.

    Watch with the video in full screen with your iPhone held horizontally. Put the iPhone in front of you at eye level and press play.

    If you’d prefer to watch on your computer, please use Google Chrome.

    Rubinos’ tour dates are below, with her final US gig coming this Saturday at New York’s Mercury Lounge before she heads off to Europe.

    Xenia Rubinos 2016 Tour Dates:
    09/30 – Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s
    10/01 – New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge
    10/24 – London, UK @ Birthdays
    10/25 – Brussels, BE @ La Maison des Musiques
    10/26 – Amsterdam, NL @ Melkweg
    10/27 – Mannheim, DE @ Enjoy Jazz Fest
    10/28 – Hamburg, DE @ Mojo Club Jazz Cafe
    10/29 – Berlin, DE @ Kantine am Berghain
    10/30 – Prague, CZ @ Jazzdock
    10/31 – Vienna, AT @ Rhiz
    11/02 – Geneva @ La Graviere
    11/03 – Luxembourg @ De Gudde Wellen
    11/04 – Den Haag, NL @ Crossing Border Festival
    11/06 – Eindhoven, NL @ So What’s Next Festival
    11/07 – Paris, FR @ Le Pop Up du Label
    11/09 – Lisbon, PT @ Sabotage Rock Club
    11/10 – Madrid, ES @ Moby Dick
    11/11 – Granada, ES @ Boom Boom Room / Club Reserva 1925
    11/12 – Barcelona, ES @ Sidecar