A brief history of Ryan Adams tweeting about pinball

Well, what Ryan Adams wants, Ryan Adams gets


Yesterday, a number of outlets reported that Ryan Adams was finished with the idea of covering full-albums, based on a response he made to a fan on Twitter. You may remember he released his version of Taylor Swift’s 1989 in 2015, and he also did his own version of The Strokes’ Is This It (though it was thrown out by accident). Adams, for his part, wasn’t completely stoked to have his offhanded comments taken for an actual statement about the future of his career.

Well, what Ryan Adams wants, Ryan Adams gets. It turns out, Adams has far more tweets about pinball than we can possibly cover in one blog post. But we can learn quite a few things about the songwriting great by sifting through his many ruminations about the beloved arcade game.

His earliest pinball tweet dates back to 2012, a reply to someone else’s Instagram of a backbox.

Ryan Adams doesn’t just play pinball, he’s even keen to design his own machines. Hope this Dio-inspired game sees fruition.

2013 finds a tweet that rings with sadness now that the recipient of this tweet has passed away. Hope Adams and Garry Shandling were able to get together for a few games. As Shandling noted in his reply, his nickname in high school was “The Flipper Wizard.”

On May 10th, 2014, a momentous occasion in Ryan Adams pinball tweets: his first photo of a pinball machine. It would be the first of many, this time posted as a simple invitation to a fellow pinhead.

Pinball is a way for Adams to communicate with fans, often taking questions via Twitter.

It’s also a way for him to pass time on tour, whether that be his own game that he travels with (Metallica themed to boot).

Or be it visiting the local pinball halls and events that happen to be on his tour routes.

Pinball tweeting played a roll in this exchange between the recording artist he’s often confused with.

But most of the time he just wants to know where to play.

It’s more than a game to Ryan Adams, it’s a way of life.

And maybe it’s the simplest declaration that gets to the heart of how Ryan Adams feels about pinball.