Emily Reo, Cloud Nothings, and Priests Headline Our Top Songs of the Week (10/14)

Here are 10 tracks that won't require any money to play or play on


    So, this week we learned that Britain’s new five-pound note can be used to play vinyl records. That’s pretty cool and all, but if you wind the tape from inside an eight-track around a Sacagawea dollar coin … well, I don’t know if it would play exactly, but it would sure be art … about commerce and modernity … or something. But while we figure out how exactly we can go about using other forms of currency to listen to tunes, you can grab 10 new tracks below, and you won’t even need any cash to play them!

    10. Dowager – “Sleep Paralysis”


    For a long time, I’ve wanted to start a band just to call a record Please Don’t Put This in Italics. While not messing with editors quite the same way, Portland post-hardcore outfit Dowager have called their new EP Title Track, which could have set us up to have to write “The best song is Title Track‘s title track, ‘Title Track’.” But luckily there’s no such song, and instead we’re writing about the explosive “Sleep Paralysis”. Benardo Relampagos howls out over the darting and diving guitars, which sit somewhere in the middle of Dillinger Escape Plan and American Football. Title Track drops November 25th via Standard Brickhouse/Really Rad Records. –Adam Kivel