Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind will bend brains anew as a TV series

The 2004 Oscar winner is just the latest film to get the series treatment


Though TV has increasingly become a new safe haven for ambitious creative types unwilling and/or uninterested to play by increasingly strict studio rules, it’s not immune to some of the same trends sweeping the film industry. In this case, we’re talking about remakes, and now Michel Gondry’s 2004 masterpiece Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is the latest IP-driven show to get a green light as a new series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Anonymous Content, the production company behind Mr. Robot and True Detective, has begun developing a series based on the film. The Reporter also notes that “Reboots continue to remain in high demand as broadcast, cable and streaming outlets look for proven IP in a bid to cut through a cluttered scripted landscape that is quickly approaching 500 original series. Key to the remakes is having the original producers involved in some capacity — which Sunshine has with Anonymous Content — as more studios look to monetize their existing film libraries.”

It’s unclear when Eternal Sunshine will enter production, or exactly what about the film can translate to a series format (Lacuna’s inner workings? The world after Kirsten Dunst releases all those files? That second one sounds kind of cool, actually), but it’s not as though it’s completely impossible for a film to successfully translate to the smaller screen. Hell, Fargo is one of the best things on television at the moment. But it’s always a dicey proposition to tamper with a beloved property, even in a broadcasting era where the market is so utterly oversaturated with streaming services and cable networks looking to break out from the pack.

In any case, if the remake craze looks to continue unabated, at least starting out with one of the great films of the 2000s is a solid way to go. Now, here are some melancholy-to-sad feelings for your Saturday afternoon:

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