God enlists Nicolas Cage to kill Bin Laden in the Army of One trailer — watch

Oh, and Russell Brand will be playing God this time around


How’s this for a high-concept hook: an everyday guy experiences a vision from God that instructs him to kill Osama Bin Laden, and he takes off with a sword and a mission to Pakistan to carry out his divine quest. Army of One’s trailer suggests that it’s the kind of film aware of just how absurd its premise is, and leans into it, with a secret weapon: Nicolas Cage, a fit for this kind of character at this stage of his career if ever there was one.

Cage will play Gary Faulkner, who is an actual, real-life person who made numerous trips to hunt the since-departed terrorist in the years prior to his capture. Army of One pitches his journeys as a fish-out-of-water dark comedy, as Gary acclimates to the local culture and attempts to evade a paranoid government agent along the road to his self-styled glory. And Russell Brand is playing God, because of course he is. Wendi McLendon-Covey and Rainn Wilson co-star in the film, directed by Larry Charles, who gave the world Borat, among other films.

There’s as much a chance that Army of One could come off as smug as that it could work, but with the talent on hand and Cage giving what looks to be a more committed turn than the past few years of straight-to-Redbox action star posturing he’s delivered, it’s one to look out for. The film will have a brief theatrical run on November 4th, and hit video streaming services on November 15th.


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