LA duo Lo/Hi share soulful, downtempo single “Eloise” — listen

Slow-burning tune gets the job done with ambient textures and emotive vocals


Photo by Grant Aumiller

Steve Rusch and Mischa Mandel approached music from different angles but somehow ended up in the same place as members of the soulful, synth-based LA duo Lo/Hi. Rusch was raised in Pittsburgh on a steady diet of skateboarding and punk rock, while LA native Mandel grew up as a child actor before turning his attention to the musical side of the entertainment industry. The two eventually crossed paths at CalArts, where they bonded over a shared appreciation for downtempo electronic and soul music. That same appreciation runs like a river through Lo/Hi’s newest single, “Eloise”, a poignant and mature tune that highlights their talent for letting the spaces between sounds sing.

“This song was inspired by our experiences with letting go of trying relationships and moving into ones that uplift and support,” the duo tells Consequence of Sound. “It’s about finally knowing what it is to really love someone and know that you are loved in return.”

That nuanced theme demands a melody that’s equally thoughtful, and “Eloise” comes through with an approach that’s understated yet filled with gravity. “While most of our songs are beat driven, we decided to approach this one differently,” the pair explains. “We relied more heavily on space and ambient textures to emphasize the lyrical content of the song.”

Check out “Eloise” below. The song will appear on Lo/Hi’s forthcoming EP Lessons from the Low End, available October 28th. The title (we imagine) is a cheeky reference to the duo’s affinity for both bass-driven melodies and down-and-out subject matter.

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