Mother Love Bone’s short-lived but glorious existence chronicled in new box set

The compilation contains 20 rare or unreleased songs, B-Sides, demos, and alternate versions


    The short-lived Seattle grunge band Mother Love Bone will be the subject of a new archival collection coming from UMC/Stardog Records on November 4th, 2016.

    The band — which featured singer Andrew Wood, guitarist Stone Gossard, and bassist Jeff Ament as members — existed for two brief years between 1988 and 1990. Their debut EP, Shine, was released in March 1989. Their lone LP, Apple, was released posthumously after Wood died of a drug overdose on July 19th, 1990.

    The forthcoming compilation, entitled Mother Love Bone: On Earth As It Is, collects both the EP and LP remastered for the first time by Ed Brooks. Two bonus discs contain 20 rare or unreleased songs, B-Sides, demos, and alternate versions, including Wood’s demo recording of “Chloe Dancer” and a live version of “Stardog Champion” featuring Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell and Pearl Jam. Love Bone Earth Affair, available for the first time on DVD, includes rare or unseen Mother Love Bone performances.


    Mother Love Bone: On Earth As It Is will be available on CD and LP. Both sets are packaged in slipcase artwork replicating a Mother Love Bone mural that graced the exterior wall of famed Seattle nightclub, The Vogue. The wall mural was re-painted by Ament on the side of West Seattle’s Easy Street Records in May of 2016. Pre-orders are ongoing through Pearl Jam’s website.

    Following Wood’s death, Gossard and Ament went on to form Temple of the Dog with Matt Cameron, Mike McCready, and Chris Cornell. Temple of the Dog itself recently reissued its lone LP and will soon embark on the band’s first-ever tour.

    Following Temple of the Dog’s initial disbandment, Gossard, Ament, and McCready hitched up with Eddie Vedder to form Pearl Jam, while Cornell fronted Soundgarden.


    Mother Love Bone: On Earth As It Is Artwork:

    image004 Mother Love Bones short lived but glorious existence chronicled in new box set

    Mother Love Bone: On Earth As It Is Tracklist:

    Disc 1 – Apple / Shine
    01. This Is Shangrila
    02. Stardog Champion
    03. Holy Roller
    04. Bone China
    05. Come Bite The Apple
    06. Stargazer
    07. Heartshine
    08. Captain Hi Top
    09. Man Of Golden Words
    10. Capricorn Sister
    11. Gentle Groove
    12. Mr. Danny Boy
    13. Crown Of Thorns
    14. Thru Fade Away
    15. Mindshaker Meltdown
    16. Half Ass Monkey Boy
    17. Chloe Dancer / Crown Of Thorns

    Disc 2 – B-sides / Alt Versions
    01. Holy Roller
    02. Bone China
    03. Hold Your Head Up
    04. Capricorn Sister
    05. Zanzibar
    06. Lady Godiva Blues
    07. Red Hot Shaft
    08. Seasons Changing (Live at the Plant)
    09. Stardog Champion (Live at the Plant)


    Disc 3 – B-sides / Alt Versions CD:
    01. Lubricated Muscle Drive
    02. Savwahfair Slide
    03. Jumpin Jehova
    04. Showdown
    05. Bloodshot Ruby
    06. Elijah
    07. Chloe Dancer (Demo)
    08. Have You Ever Kissed A Lady
    09. Otherside
    10. These R No Blues
    11. Made Of Rainbows
    12. Bloody Shame
    13. One Time Fire
    14. Stardog Champion featuring Chris Cornell and Pearl Jam (Live from Alpine Valley)

    Disc 4 – Love Bone Earth Affair DVD:
    01. Love Bone Earth Affair
    02. Captain Hi Top Music Video
    03. Half Ass Monkey Boy (Live from the Oz)
    04. I’m In Love With My Car (Live from the Oz)

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