Of course Ken Bone was the drummer in a Christian rock band

"He was the drummer. He had all the chicks."


    By now you’ve surely heard of Ken Bone, the red sweater-wearing Mel Rodriguez doppelgänger who captured the hearts of a nation when he asked Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump a question about environmentally-friendly energy options during Sunday’s presidential debate. Since becoming a living, breathing meme signifying the goodness in America amidst the cesspool that is our 2016 presidential election, we’re beginning to learn more about the man behind the sweater. He is a coal plant technician hailing from Shiloh, Illinois. He married his high school sweetheart, and is a big fan of the St. Louis Cardinals. Bill Clinton is his new best friend.

    Oh, and he was in a Christian rock band.

    Bone served as drummer in the band, which focused on “Christian pop covers from the 90s and 00s. DC Talk and Newsboys kinda stuff,” his former bandmate Joshua Burkett told Mashable. Burkett went on to describe Bone as a “pretty good drummer,” who did especially well with the ladies.

    “We may have all been virgins except Ken,” Burkett wrote on Twitter. “He was the drummer. He had all the chicks.”


    On Facebook, Burkett added, “My ultimate claim to fame in life will be that I was once in a band with the legend Ken Bone and that we spent two summers cruising around our hometown picking up chicks — me failing and him succeeding.”

    When asked if Bone wore the red sweater on stage, Burkett responded, “No, but he could rock a Crocodile Dundee hat like no other.”

    As if you needed proof…

    Ken Bone, Coachella 2017 headliner. Let’s make it happen.

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