The Radio Dept. are tired of being pushed around on new song “We Got Game” — listen

Another look at Running out of Love, the band's first album in six years


    Running Out of Love is The Radio Dept.’s first album since 2010, expected to hit store shelves later this month via Labrador. The Clinging to a Scheme follow-up spans 10 tracks, many of which are politically-charged and tap into “the impatience that turns into anger, hate and ultimately withdrawal and apathy when love for the world and our existence begins to falter.”

    Following August’s “Swedish Guns”, the indie pop outfit is previewing the LP today with “We Got Game”. Here, The Radio Dept., from the perspective of the outsider and disenfranchised, take on those greedy for power and wealth. “There’s a choice to be made/ We never used to blindly disobey/ But now, make some noise,” they sing, as though awakened from a deep slumber. “They don’t care/ Never did/ If we want it we will have to take it from the overfed.”

    Stream it below.


    Running Out of Love arrives on October 21st. In support, the band have lined up a North American tour for early next year.

    “We Got Game” Artwork:

    pasted image 0 The Radio Dept. are tired of being pushed around on new song We Got Game    listen

    Running out of Love Tracklist:
    01. Sloboda Narodu
    02. Swedish Guns
    03. We Got Game
    04. Thieves of State
    05. Occupied
    06. This Thing Was Bound to Happen
    07. Can’t Be Guilty
    08. Committed to the Cause
    09. Running out of Love
    10. Teach Me to Forget


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