Tim Heidecker spoofs Bob Dylan on “Talkin’ Nobel Prize” — listen

"I don't need your prize/ Just look into my eyes, babe/ And see how I despise the prize," sings "Dylan"


Plenty has been said already about whether Bob Dylan becoming the first musician to win the Nobel Prize for Literature is a valid occurrence or not, but we’ve yet to hear from the winner himself. While Dylan has remained mum about the whole to-do, comedian Tim Heidecker has taken it upon himself to imagine The Bard’s feelings in song.

After going “straight” on his recent album In GlendaleHeidecker returns to parodies with “Talkin’ Nobel Prize”. Putting on his best Dylan affectation, the Tim & Eric star pictures a blasé Robert Zimmerman expressing his disinterest in the honor. “Well you give it to prisoners, you give it to kings/ An outlaw like me don’t need those things,” he sings. “All you need is someone who sings/ But you can’t buy me with diamonds or rings.” The chorus ends with him telling the Norwegian Nobel Committee to “look into my eyes, babe/ And see how I despise the prize.”

Take a listen below.

Heidecker has taken on the Dylan role before, once releasing a 15-minute ode to the Titanic and later imagining the type of song he’d write for the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

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