VP Candidate Tim Kaine makes terrible dad joke after hearing Chance the Rapper’s “No Problem”

"They call me Lil Kaine, not Lil Wayne," jokes man who could be a heartbeat from the presidency


Photo via Facebook

While Hillary Clinton continues to fend off attacks from Donald Trump, her harmonica-blowin’ running mate Tim Kaine is on a mission to endear himself to the music-listening public. Senator Kaine has already outed himself as an avowed Replacements fan (his favorite album? Let It Be) and shown love for David Bowie, Alabama Shakes, and indie singer-songwriter Lucy Dacus. He’s a little less up on his hip-hop, but give the guy credit for trying.

As Pitchfork notes, in a recent interview with “No Limit Larry & The Morning Maddhouse” on North Carolina’s Power 98 FM, Kaine made the fatal mistake of trying to give himself a new nickname. Coming on air right after the station had played Chance the Rapper‘s “No Problem” (featuring Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz), he joked, “They call me Lil Kaine, not Lil Wayne.”

Ooph. With zingers like that, Kaine should probably stick to politics. Still, we can’t blame him for hopping on the Coloring Book bandwagon, and we look forward to seeing what Lil Kaine includes on his VP playlist if elected.

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