Gorillaz’s Noodle gets an OKCupid account

Plus, her profile might be teasing something more to come


    Photo via Jamie Hewlett/Instagram

    Being a single millennial is hard these days, which is why so many of us have resorted to online matchmaking sites and apps. While I’ve tried my best to avoid the whole concept save for a few Tinder swipes every now and then, I may finally have a reason to sign up for OKCupid: Gorillaz’s fictional guitarist/keyboardist Noodle now has a profile on the dating site.

    Reddit users stumbled upon the profile and noticed it’s linked to Noodle’s official Instagram account, confirming its veracity (authentication is required in order to add an Instagram account to OkCupid). It lists the cartoon character as a 26-year-old queer woman looking for new friends aged 18 to 99 living anywhere. But there’s something a bit more cryptic in the profile description, as well.

    In the “self-summary” section, it reads, “Ready? 12:11” and it’s signed “xx DA.” What’s more, the profile image has been changed to one of what appears to be none other than Damon Albarn. So the question is, what does 12:11 mean? Is it a tease for the release date of Gorillaz upcoming new record? Or perhaps it’s just something to mess with fans’ minds.

    Either way, check out Noodle’s OKCupid profile if you want to try and get a date with an animated rockstar.

    Update: The account has been taken down, though you can still view screen grabs below. A representative said the band was not involved in its creation.

    noodle ok cupid Gorillazs Noodle gets an OKCupid account

    screen shot 2016 11 02 at 2 16 02 pm Gorillazs Noodle gets an OKCupid account

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