Stream: Sleigh Bells’ new album Jessica Rabbit

Brooklyn two-piece's first LP in three years arrives early


On November 11th, Sleigh Bells will release new album Jessica Rabbit. In anticipation, the LP is streaming in full below courtesy of

Due out via the band’s own Torn Clean label, the full-length serves as Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss’ fourth to date following 2013’s Bitter Rivals. It spans 14 tracks, including early offerings “It’s Just Us Now”, “Hyper Dark”, “I Can Only Stare”, and “Rule Number One”.

In an interview with DIY, Krauss spoke about how the use of her voice has evolved on Jessica Rabbit:

“In the beginning the vocal was kind of like a layer, a part of the instrumental, more of a textural thing, and much less of an emotional, visceral presence,” she says, looking right back to the band’s Treats debut. “On this record it’s a lot more full on,” she adds decisively, “and that feels right. I’m very proud of this album, I think it’s more my vocal approach, so far as what comes naturally.”

Pre-orders are ongoing.

Jessica Rabbit Artwork:

sleigh bells jessica rabbit album cover Stream: Sleigh Bells new album Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit Tracklist:
01. It’s Just Us Now
02. Torn Clean
03. Lightning Turns Sawdust Gold
04. I Can’t Stand You Anymore
05. Crucible
06. Loyal For
07. I Can Only Stare
08. Throw Me Down the Stairs
09. Unlimited Dark Paths
10. I Know Not to Count on You
11. Rule Number One
12. Baptism by Fire
13. Hyper Dark
14. As If

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