Baywatch is back, and Dwayne Johnson is doing his best Hasselhoff in the teaser – watch

The reboot of the property will slowly jog into theaters over Memorial Day weekend


The sun is up, the sand is hot, the hunks hottest of all. Because whether it’s due to the standard nostalgia cycle that eventually hits every generation, or perhaps all the force-fed member berries, a reboot of the beloved(?) ’90s television series Baywatch is on its way, barefoot, and probably in slow motion.

It was never so glossy as this, though. If the first teaser trailer for the 2017 summer blockbuster hopeful is any indication, a lot more money is being thrown into this iteration of Baywatch. The low-budget charm and subsequent gimmickry of the show makes up so much of its relative value that a big-budget update (it’s estimated at over $100 million) feels almost blasphemous. But then…you know, it’s Baywatch, once the world’s favorite gentle softcore daytime program, and the calling card of stars from Anderson to Hasselhoff.

In any case, the feature film version is going big, with Dwayne Johnson throwing himself into burning waters to rescue a young woman from a boat before the Paramount logo even has a chance to roll. Yet there are a couple meta jokes in the trailer alone (“it’s up to us to restore the Baywatch brand”), some intrigue between Johnson’s grizzled veteran lifeguard and Zac Efron’s brash newcomer (“he’s reckless!”), and some jokes, since Seth Gordon of Horrible Bosses fame is behind the camera. It’s a strange way into this new series, promising everything from eye candy to jetski violence to buddy comedy in two minutes, but we have to allow for the chance that this could be another Jump Street situation in which an unnecessary TV revival is better than it has any reason to be.

In any case, Baywatch will dramatically jog into theaters on May 26th, 2017, to get America going early on its Memorial Day weekend, as the founding fathers no doubt once envisioned.

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