Stream Adult Swim’s NOISE compilation, featuring Wolf Eyes, Pharmakon, Arca, more

Plus: clipping., Tanya Tagaq, Prurient, Merzbow, and more.


    Today, Adult Swim celebrates the release of its new compilation album, NOISE. The project collects 16 tracks across the genres of hip-hop, dance music, traditional noise, industrial, and more, including all-new offerings from Arca, Merzbow, Noveller, Pharmakon, Prurient, clipping.Wolf Eyes, and Polaris Music Prize winner Tanya Tagaq.

    According to a press statement, the album was curated by Adult Swim writer/producer Laura Sterritt with the goal of constructing “a project that incorporates different musical genres within the context of noise to make it accessible to a broader audience and a new generation of fans.”

    Stream NOISE in its entirety below. It’s also available for free download here.


    NOISE Tracklist:
    01. clipping. – “Body For The Pile” (feat. SICKNESS)
    02. MELT-BANANA – “Case D in the Test Tube”
    03. EYE – “Mega Equipment for Popsicle”
    04. Vessel – “PRIHATIN”
    05. Sadaf – “The Clinic”
    06. Arca – “Bussy”
    07. Pharmakon – “Squall”
    08. Tanya Tagaq – “Erie Changys”
    09. BEAST – “You’ve Got Rabies On Your Breath!”
    10. Dreamcrusher – “Sick World”
    11. Perc – “Porthia”
    12. Noveller – “Processional”
    13. Merzbow – “For Adult”
    14. Prurient – “Everything You Know Is Wrong”
    15. Hassan Khan – “CASIOTONE GIGANTJA”
    16. Wolf Eyes – “Subterranean Life”

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