The Despicable Me 3 trailer is here, because the Minions will outlast us all — watch

The third installment of the series will separate parents from their money on June 30th


2016 has been a tough year on America. As a culture we’ve lost everything from Prince and Bowie to our collective sanity and self-respect (in memoriam: July 4th, 1776 – November 8th, 2016). And just in case you were starting to build some steam behind the idea that maybe 2017 will see things triumphantly swing back, here’s the trailer for Despicable Me 3 and more of the goddamn Minions.

Now, in fairness, the Despicable Me films have always been a little better and sharper than the godless meme they begat. The first was clever, cartoonish in the most traditional senses, and a fun play on the Boris & Natasha portions of The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. The second, while a lot faster and brighter and louder and ultimately far less coherent, also has its moments. But the Minions, who started as a manic side story in the first movie, have become the center of the Illumination Entertainment empire, from their pretty terrible standalone film last year to the fact that the Illumination logo’s approximation of the Pixar lamp is a Minion screaming the company’s name.

And now, here’s the inevitable third film (these things are cash cows, so don’t expect it to be over anytime soon), which looks to trade heavily on 1980s nostalgia, the kind of cultural touchstone that will no doubt connect with the children of today. Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig return as Gru and Lucy, and Trey Parker joins the cast as the nefarious Balthazar Bratt, a moonwalking baddie with Rubik’s Cubes and mid-period Michael Jackson as his weapons. And there are some Minions DJing a spring break party because a bunch of people threw darts at the Illumination “things kids like” dart board or something.

In any case, Despicable Me 3 will separate parents the world over from their money on June 30th, 2017.

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