Green Day take on Trump with politically charged “Troubled Times” video — watch

It's no coincidence that the Revolution Radio visuals arrive on Martin Luther King Day


It’s no coincidence that Green Day have chosen Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to release the cutout-style video for “Troubled Times”. With lyrics like, “What good is love and peace on earth/ When it’s exclusive,” the political anthem aligns well within MLK’s credo. The lyric video prominently features the iconic civil rights leader as it draws parallels between what’s happening in the United States today and the cultural battle of the ’50s and ’60s.

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The clip tackles a little bit of everything, from the specter of the KKK floating over the White House to Islamophobia to the dangers of global climate change. Unsurprisingly, it all ties back to our incoming POTUS, Donald Trump, an irate caricature of whom always seems to appear right as the chorus kicks in, his head literally flaming with rage. Check out the video above.

“Troubled Times” is the latest — and perhaps most pertinent — single off Green Day’s recent Revolution Radio album. Earlier this month, the band announced an expanded tour schedule in support of the release, and you can find that here.

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