Hear unreleased Elliott Smith song “I Figured You Out” from 20th anniversary reissue of Either/Or

Two-disc set includes handful of rarities and live tracks


    Either/Or, the acclaimed third studio album from Elliott Smith, turns 20 this year. To mark the occasion, his label Kill Rock Stars will reissue a special 20th anniversary edition of the LP on March 10th. Along with a remastered version of the original album, done by Smith collaborator Larry Crane, the project includes a handful of rarities.

    As Crane told the New York Times, the two-disc reissue contains a new version of “I Don’t Think I’m Ever Gonna Figure It Out”, the B-side to Either/Or single “Speed Trials”; a keyboard rendition on New Moon cut “New Money”; and an alternate take of XO selection “Bottle Up and Explode!” with “completely different lyrics.” There’s also a previously unheard studio recording of “I Figured You Out”, which can be heard below. Smith originally recorded the song in 1995 as a demo for folk songwriter Mary Lou Lord, who eventually released a version of her own.

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    Additionally, there are five live tracks recorded at Yo Yo A Go Go Festival in Olympia, Washington back in 1997. “They really demonstrate how adept he was live as a guitarist — the fingerpicking, slap-picking and different techniques,” Crane commented.

    Either/Or 20th Anniversary Reissue Tracklist:
    01. Speed Trials (remastered)
    02. Alameda (remastered)
    03. Ballad of Big Nothing (remastered)
    04. Between the Bars (remastered)
    05. Pictures of Me (remastered)
    06. No Name No. 5 (remastered)
    07. Rose Parade (remastered)
    08. Punch and Judy (remastered)
    09. Angeles (remastered)
    10. Cupid’s Trick (remastered)
    11. 2:45 AM (remastered)
    12. Say Yes (remastered)
    13. My New Freedom (Live) (unreleased)
    14. Pictures Of me (Live) (unreleased)
    15. Angeles (Live) (unreleased)
    16. Some Song (Live) (unreleased)
    17. Rose Parade (Live) (unreleased)
    18. New Monkey (keys) (unreleased)
    19. I Don’t Think I’m Ever Gonna Figure It Out (remixed/remastered)
    20. I Figured You Out (unreleased)
    21. Bottle Up And Explode (Alternate Version) (unreleased)


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