Lydia Ainsworth shares surreal video for new single “The Road” — watch

Sophomore album Darling Of The Afterglow due out in March


Lydia Ainsworth has released the video for “The Road”, the first single from her sophomore album Darling Of The Afterglow. The visuals are perhaps best described as a collage of beautiful, meticulously framed images starring Ainsworth and a small cohort of performers, with the scene shifting from the red-washed interior of a disco club to an expansive and bucolic (if you ignore the power lines off in the distance) meadow in the countryside. It’s a surreal feast for the eyes that darts back and forth between dance circles, tea parties, and moving paintings, and as such it’s a worthy complement to the song itself.

As Ainsworth tells NPR, her idea for the song and video originated in the notion of sensual permanence. “I wondered, what if you could create a state in which your sensations and memories live on forever? What would that look like? What would that feel like? What would that sound like?”

As it turns out, it sounds like a natural expansion of the music Ainsworth crafted on her 2014 album Right From Real, with stark piano chords punctuating electronic dream beats that seem to rise in waves from a sea of synths. It’s not quite pop, but it does feature one of Ainsworth’s most straightforward and alluring melodies to date.

The video for “The Road” was directed by Ainsworth’s sister, Abby. Darling Of The Afterglow is scheduled for release March 31st via Arbutus/Bella Union.

Darling Of The Afterglow Artwork:

unnamed 7 Lydia Ainsworth shares surreal video for new single The Road    watch

Darling Of The Afterglow Tracklist:
01. The Road
02. What Is It?
03. Ricochet
04. Afterglow
05. Open Doors
06. Spinning
07. Into The Blue
08. Wicked Game
09. I Can Feel It All
10. WLCM
11. Nighttime Watching

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