The New Pornographers’ Todd Fancey premieres title track off his new album Love Mirage — listen

Canadian supergroup's guitarist will release his latest album as Fancey later this month


    With his latest album under his Fancey moniker, The New Pornographers guitarist Todd Fancey wanted to capture the sounds of ’70s AM radio without irony. Using vintage instruments and avoiding all overdubs or loops, the goal was to create something that would make listeners both giggle and dance — in other words, music that brings simple and straightforward joy. The warm lead single “Baby Sunshine” certainly achieved that, and now Fancey is again bringing the fun on the album’s title track, “Love Mirage”.

    The new song is a bit of light disco, funky guitars and horns painting the track in shimmering pastels. Its grooves break through breathy harmonies, provided by Angela Kelman and the 13-year-old Olivia Maye, sure to enlighten even the darkest moods. Despite the slightly downer lyrics (“Hey, baby you fade/ I look around and you’re there/ Then vanish in the haze”), the positive vibes assure you that it’s certainly better to have embraced love rather than have it pass you by.

    You can listen to the song via the lyric video above. “The ‘Love Mirage’ lyric video was created by Craig Childe and Hilary Kaye to go along with the flagship of my new album Love Mirage,” Fancey tells Consequence of Sound, “gunning down irony (and of course trading on the Mary Tyler Moore logo) with a rainbow of bullets.  I was finally able – with Allan Rodger, Angela Kelman and 13-year old Olivia Maye – to make the ’70s am radio type album I’d always wanted to!”


    Serving as Fancey’s third solo full-length, Love Mirage is due out January 27th, and will soon be available through his website.

    Love Mirage Tracklist:
    01. Love Mirage
    02. Wander
    03. Baby Love
    04. Dream All Night
    05. Witch Attack!
    06. Carrie
    07. Baby Sunshine
    08. Disco Angel
    09. Turn Around Baby
    10. In the Morning Light

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