The Strokes offshoot CRX rattle off “Broken Bones” on Good Morning America — watch

Nick Valensi & co. give the ABC talk show some much-needed edge


CRX, the new band from Nick Valensi of The Strokes, took over the Late Late Show last month with their single “Broken Bones”. The indie rockers must consider the track a solid highlight off their debut album, New Skin, ’cause they played it once again during an appearance on Good Morning America today.

Though they were without James Corden’s dramatic lighting, CRX still succeeded in injecting some much-needed edge and chunky riffage into the ABC talk show. Valensi, by now a seasoned showman, can even be spotted making eyes at the camera. We see you, Nick, and we like it.

Replay the whole thing below.

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