Waxahatchee previews new album, Out in the Storm, with “Silver” video — watch

Katie Crutchfield's fourth album and follow-up to Ivy Tripp is coming this summer


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    It was just yesterday that Katie Crutchfield teased her latest album as WaxahatcheeOut in the Storm. Today, she officially announced a July 14th release through Merge Records and shared the first single, “Silver”.

    Her fourth album overall under the Waxahatchee moniker, Out in the Storm tells the story that her last record, Ivy Tripp, was too cautious to relate. That effort came out in the midst of an unhealthy professional and romantic relationship, the dissolution of which this new one faces head on. “Ivy Tripp doesn’t really have any resolution,” Crutchfield explained in a press release. “It’s a lot of beating around the bush, and superficially trying to see my life clearly, but just barely scratching the surface. Out in the Storm digs into what I was going through without blinking. It’s a very honest record about a time in which I was not honest with myself.”

    The album was recorded with John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth) at Philadelphia’s Miner Street Recordings. Crutchfield was joined in the studio by her bandmates: her twin Allison Crutchfield (keyboards and percussion), Katherine Simonetti (bass), and Ashley Arnwine (drums). Katie Harkin, Sleater-Kinney’s touring guitarist, also contributed lead guitar parts. The whole thing was recorded live, leading it to become Waxahatchee’s most guitar-driven effort to date.


    While the lyrics gave birth to the title of the record, the video for “Silver” looks like what would happen if someone tried to throw their own prom in their basement. Check it out below.

    Pre-orders for Out in the Storm are going on now. Find the cover art and tracklist below.

    Out in the Storm Album Art:

    594 waxahatchee 900 Waxahatchee previews new album, Out in the Storm, with Silver video    watch

    Out in the Storm Tracklist:
    01. Never Been Wrong
    02. 8 Ball
    03. Silver
    04. Recite Remorse
    05. Sparks Fly
    06. Brass Beam
    07. Hear You
    08. A Little More
    09. No Question
    10. Fade

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