10 Bold Predictions for Twin Peaks Season Three

Theories on Dale Cooper's fate, who's playing Donna, links to Blue Velvet, and more

Twin Peaks: The Return (Showtime)
Twin Peaks: The Return (Showtime)

    twin peaks week final1 10 Bold Predictions for Twin Peaks Season ThreeOn Sunday, May 21st, Showtime will take us back to the small logging town of Twin Peaks. In anticipation, Consequence of Sound will be reporting live from The Great Northern Hotel with some damn good features all week. Today, our staff theorizes on what we might expect from the new series, putting all of their boldest predictions on digital paper with digital ink. To paraphrase Radiohead, they might be wrong.

    We’re days away from the highly-anticipated return of Twin Peaks and we’re still in the dark. We know we’re returning to familiar places, reuniting with familiar faces, and familiar things are happening again, but aside from that, your guess is as good as anyone’s. But that degree of mystery is rare these days, in an age when trailers are released 18 months before a movie and spoilers are as common as headlines, and that was always a predicament going into this reboot.

    Because really, mystery has long been the fuel of this show — and every David Lynch production, for that matter — and if we’re not in the dark, then we’re not back in Twin Peaks. It’s a simple matter that Lynch recently explained to Rolling Stone:

    “These days, movie trailers practically tell the whole story. I think it’s really harmful. For me, personally, I don’t want to know anything when I go into a theater. I like to discover it, get into that world, try to get as good of picture and sound as possible, no interruptions – so you can have an experience. And anything that putrefies that is not good.”


    Naturally, part of the fun about being in the dark is figuring out where the light switch is and that’s an activity Lynch loves to offer for his fans and fellow viewers. So, since we’re only a little over 48 hours from the series epic return this Sunday, we decided to start stumbling around the darkness ourselves and make some strides toward the light. Ahead, you’ll read about 10 bold predictions that may or may not come to fruition when we finally start smelling those Douglas firs again.

    Feel free to join in the comments below.

    –Michael Roffman

    Watch Out For Robins

    Lynch and company have been blessedly tight-lipped regarding the return of Twin Peaks, so much so that all we really know is that Jim Belushi’s character attends a party. Information has been scarce, but in a special Twin Peaks feature for Variety, Laura Dern revealed something quite fascinating: “Kyle and I had several scenes, particularly in the car, when we’re talking about the robins.” As any true Lynchhead will recall, robins figure quite prominently in the plot of Lynch’s Blue Velvet. That 1986 film starred both Dern and Coop himself, Kyle MacLachlan. Will this upcoming series deal with dreams and/or what is and isn’t real? Are Coop and Jeffrey one and the same? Is Dern reprising her role as Sandy?

    Probably not, probably not, but humor me a few seconds more. This is where it gets really interesting. Dern’s quote about the robins has since been pulled from the article (statement: “This story has been revised and updated”)! Perhaps it’s because Lynch wants literally nothing coming out specific to the plot, or maybe, just maybe, there’s something to this connection. After all, if we’ve learned anything when it comes to the auteur it’s that it’s a strange world. –Justin Gerber

    The Female Leads Will Light The Way

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    The first two seasons of Twin Peaks revolved around tragic female characters getting into grave danger and then needing to be saved, investigated, or disposed of. Throughout all of Lynch’s work, one common thread is his use of female characters as triggers for painful emotional evolution, or as portals (hi, Freud … vagina cave much?) to deep mysteries. This new season will shove all the ladies to the front, and instead of screaming and crying, they will be the true lights in those dark woods to guide the way, solve problems, and expose wrongs. Sarah Palmer will be a big, if not the main, part of this and her visions will come in handy now more than ever and, most likely, expose Cooper as being the new “man behind the mask.” Laura had visions, too, same as her mom, and she’s been passing messages to Cooper, and receiving them from Annie and other folks trapped in the Black Lodge for years. These messages will all make sense now. –Kelly McClure

    Familiar Faces Won’t Show Up Until Later

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    Don’t be surprised if all your favorite characters remain in the shadows for the first hour or two. As we learned from 1992’s Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, this is a story with an outstanding wingspan, and given its sprawling, eclectic cast of newcomers, Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost have plenty of new roles to introduce. There’s Jim Belushi, there’s Naomi Watts, there’s Ernie Hudson, there’s Jennifer Jason Leigh, Sara Paxton, David Koechner, Brett Gelman … the fucking list goes on forever.

    So, it would make sense that, while they have everyone’s utmost attention, they’d start painting a few of them on screen. Think about it: The hype is so enormous for this revival that Lynch could spend 20 minutes on a dusty, coffee-stained corner in the RR Diner and everyone would still refuse to pry their eyes off the screen. Then again, they could pull a Karate Kid 2 and start right from the ending of the last season, with Michael Ontkean pulling an Elizabeth Shue. Google if confused. –Michael Roffman

    Donna Hayward’s Still Kicking

    donna 10 Bold Predictions for Twin Peaks Season Three

    Here’s what we know: According to the massive cast list, neither Lara Flynn Boyle (Donna the first) nor Moira Kelly (Donna the second) is slated to return to the Pacific Northwest. This led, unsurprisingly, to speculation that the Twin Peaks revival would be a Donna-free zone. That said, Warren Frost (Dr. Will Hayward) and James Marshall (James Hurley) are both returning. Maybe they’re coming back to grieve Donna. Maybe she lives on, off-screen somewhere. Maybe she’ll just go unmentioned—not unlike Mandy Hampton, Kelly’s one-season-and-done character from The West Wing who pretty much just vanished (maybe Mandy’s also in the Black Lodge).

    That’s not what I think, though. Lynch swapped one Donna for another already, in the great tradition of Aunt Viv on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the dueling Beckys on Roseanne, and Man Men’s parade of Bobby Drapers. What’s to stop him from giving yet another actor a turn in Donna’s sensible flats? My money’s on Ashley Judd, an underrated actor with the added benefit of bearing a passing resemblance to Kelly and Boyle. Not only would Judd make a fine Donna, there’s something deliciously surreal and Lynchian about giving Ms. Hayward an ever-changing face. Of all our bets, this one is the safest. –Allison Shoemaker


    screen shot 2017 05 19 at 11 38 10 am 10 Bold Predictions for Twin Peaks Season Three

    One of the more curious new characters in Fire Walk With Me is Carl Rodd, the proprietor of the Fat Trout Trailer Park in Deer Meadow, Oregon. Played by Lynch regular Harry Dean Stanton, the character at first seems slight for such an actor of such power, but one tiny moment reveals the depth of Rodd, hinting that the grizzled old-timer is much more connected to the events of the series’ mysteries than one might imagine. When investigating the trailer of the departed Teresa Banks, an old, filthy woman approaches as the music grows more ominous; Rodd clams up, as if he’s seeing something he knows he shouldn’t be seeing. “I’ve already gone places,” he mutters with age-old weariness. “I just want to stay where I am.” The woman leaves.

    Here’s where things get really interesting. The sweater the woman is wearing looks very, very similar to the one the Log Lady does over in Twin Peaks. And if you read The Secret History of Twin Peaks, you’ll learn that, as a child, Rodd disappeared for two days alongside the Log Lady. In the series, we learn that she was swept away to wherever Major Briggs went, which is presumably the White Lodge. Look around his body and one would be sure to find the same marking that appeared on both the Log Lady and Major Briggs.

    Rodd is confirmed for the series’ revival and, based on previews that feature him prominently, he’s set to play a major role. Considering that Don S. Davis, the actor playing Major Briggs, passed, it seems that our portal into the White Lodge is likely to come via Rodd and the Log Lady—actress Catherine Coulson unfortunately passed a few years, but did previously film scenes for the series.


    Here’s another bold prediction: The old woman who showed up in Log Lady’s sweater? Totally that thing behind the dumpster in Mulholland Drive. –Randall Colburn

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