Ridley Scott’s Top 10 Films

Forty years later, these are the essentials of an icon

Ridley Scott

    As Ridley Scott’s new film, Alien: Covenant, arrives in theaters, we revisit the cinematic master’s very best work.

    Ridley Scott directs everything. Science fiction (Alien), road movies (Thelma & Louise), war epics (Black Hawk Down), crime capers (Matchstick Men), and lame romantic dramas (A Good Year). We realize that no director is perfect, and while he’s amassed some stinkers over his nearly 40-year career in film, Scott has already proven himself to be an icon of cinema.

    We’ve managed to pull together the best of his lengthy filmography, and because we can do whatever we want in my America, we’ve ranked them. While our Top Two could go either way, we just had to … well … you’ll see. We’ve also posted links to our favorite moments from each film that made the list, so remember to chime in below with your agreements and even your disagreements. We look forward to your comments, “Anonymous.”

    –Justin Gerber
    Contributing Writer