Blonder talks love and desire on debut $5 EP: Stream

A five-track effort inspired by Constantine Anastasakis' New York City stomping grounds


    Photo by Shervin Lainez

    People who refer to Paris as the only true City of Love clearly haven’t been to New York City. More than a concrete jungle where dreams are made of, its 24-hour nightlife, radiant skyline, and panoramic views of the harbor and Atlantic beyond make for the perfect backdrop for getting swept up in a blossoming relationship or diving into a one-night stand. And between the top-notch pizzerias and DIY music venues, it’s literally impossible to run out of unique date spots.

    Lifelong native Constantine Anastasakis, better known simply as Blonder, taps into this energy for his debut EP, $5, which is a vibrant mix of indie rock, synthpop, and post-punk (think fellow Brooklynites Beach Fossils meets Wild Nothing). There are moments of pure carnal fire, such as on the synth-heavy “What We Want”, which sees him tempt, “We could find it tonight/ Leave it up to your body.” Or on “Talk to Me”, a sensual number set in the back of a steamy car. Meanwhile, opener “Lean” sounds just like its title suggests, as though a partner is cuddling up close to whisper something into your ear.

    “This record is a loose narrative about falling out of love but also about those moments that you fall into it,” Anastasakis tells Consequence of Sound of the EP, which was also musically inspired by his local peers and friends in Porches and Wet. “Each song is it’s own distinct world to me, but listened to as a whole should take you through an albeit fragmented story about love and desire. The title $5 is at once an ode to the historical days of five dollar rock shows in New York City, originally performing at shows for five dollars ourselves, but also a more sarcastic, tongue in cheek nod to streaming culture and the way we currently consume music.”


    Ahead of the EP’s release on June 16th, CoS is premiering it in full below. Take a listen.

    $5 Tracklist:
    01. Lean
    02. Talk To Me
    03. In and Out
    04. What We Want
    05. Upstate