Denzel Curry releases surprise 13 EP: Stream/download

In advance of the Florida rapper's tour alongside Run the Jewels


    Florida’s own Denzel Curry has surprise-released a new EP called 13. It’s streaming below via Apple Music and Spotify.

    13 follows Curry’s sophomore album, 2016’s Imperial, and the double EP 32 Zel / Planet Shrooms from 2015. It spans five tracks, including mastered versions of previously released demos “Equalizer” and “Government” as well as two all-new selections in “Bloodshed” and “Heartless”. Lil Ugly Mane and frequent collaborator Ronny J appear as guests.

    In a press statement, Curry spoke about the EP and the significance of its title:

    “The ideology behind 13 the number is actually the representation of B and B is the letter beginning of the word Black(13LACK). 13 is seen as an unfortunate and unlucky number due to superstition that’s plagued society for generations. I’m considered misfortune due to the fact that I’m not only a black person but I’ve always felt that my heart and soul was black due to certain circumstances in life that I have yet to get over and you don’t have to be African American to feel that way. 13 is all around us, for example 13 is a difficult age for most because it’s our path to adult hood. Jesus and 12 disciples make 13 according to big rube and lastly the 13th floor was always seen as something to be afraid of world wide. 13 is the part of an unfortunate distorted life.”


    The new EP is said to be a precursor to Taboo, Curry’s forthcoming third album and debut for label Loma Vista, due out sometime this year. He recently worked with Canada’s instrumental hip-hop outfit BadBadNotGood on a reworked edition of his “Ultimate” track; in October, Curry is set to open for Run the Jewels.

    13 Tracklist:
    01. Bloodshed
    02. Hate Government
    03. Equalizer (feat. Ronny J)
    04. Heartless
    05. Zeltron 6 Billion (feat. Lil Ugly Mane)