Jay Z announces new album, 4:44, due out later this month

The rapper's 13th album will be accompanied by a big-budget film of the same name

Jay Z

Jay Z is a new father of twins, which in itself comes with a whirlwind of responsibility. Yet even amidst this extremely busy period in his life, the mogul rapper has apparently found time to write and record a new studio album, which will receive release later this month. Entitled 4:44, HOV’s 13th studio album is due out June 30th, available exclusively through his streaming music platform, TIDAL.

4:44 is also the name of a previously announced film produced by TIDAL and starring Mahershala Ali, Lupita Nyong’o, and Danny Glover. It’s unclear whether Jay Z will follow the lead of his wife in releasing a visual album, or if the film is a companion visual.

Earlier this evening, a trailer for 4:44 previewed a new Jay Z song called “Adnis”.

Update: Watch a second trailer, which has been dubbed, “Kill JAY-Z”.

Attentive fans began suspecting Jay Z was up to something when 4:44 billboards began popping up all over New York City. The number four has major significance to Jay Z and Beyoncé; his birthday is December 4th and hers is September 4th. They were married on 04/04/08. They each have a roman numeral IV tattooed on their ring finger.

4:44 comes four years after the release of Jay Z’s previous album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. The album’s announcement comes on the heel of his induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

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