Northampton’s Hammydown sheds the fake persona of everyday life on “Automatic Sweetheart” — listen

Anyone who's ever been in the service industry can relate


Photo by​​ Kayhl Cooper

​​It’s not unusual for an artist to start out serving coffee or waiting on tables somewhere. Northampton, Massachusetts Abbie Morin did that and more, delivering pizza and cleaning houses as she honed her garage pop craft. Even while she was in a self-titled band opening for Lucy Dacus and Wild Child up in Burlington, Vermont, she was holding down service industry jobs. Now that’s launched her new project Hammydown, however, she’s looking back at those odd jobs without the forced grin she used to wear.

“I think our culture tends to forget the toll it takes on customer service workers to have to snap into a nice, chipper, smiling face for everyone that walks up to the counter — no matter what’s happening in our lives, or how we’re treated in return,” Morin tells Consequence of Sound. It’s that idea that led her to write her new single, “Automatic Sweetheart”. As she continues to explain to CoS, the song “explores how difficult it can be to keep tabs on my own reality when I’m having to phone it in all day. Hiding behind a shiny robot persona can start to creep into the other facets of my life, and sometimes I feel I’ve got to do something drastic to jolt myself out of that.”

“Automatic Sweetheart” is a jammy bit of garage pop, bopping around on a chilled out bass line and psychedelic guitar slides before shaking off the expectations of the “robot persona” on the chorus. Think of the verses like the plastered on smile you’d wear during the day and the shambling choruses as the mix of relaxation and venting you’d find in a bottle of beer at the end of the day. Take a listen below.

“Automatic Sweetheart” is off Hammydown’s forthcoming Pizzaface EP. Out July 21st, you can pre-order the five-track effort via Bandcamp.

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