Rising folk songwriter Mappe Of is haunted by “Peaceful Ghosts” on new song — listen

Mysterious Canadian musician teases his full-length debut, A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone


    Photo by Matt Barnes

    Although rising indie folk artist Mappe Of is the moniker of just one elusive man, his songwriting channels the lives of many different characters. On his forthcoming debut album, A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone, there are tales of a wandering German vagabond, an elderly man grappling with mental disease, and a young boy who takes up arson and betrays his family. They are all disparate identities, but find common ground in their past and present emotional turmoil and the messy relationships they keep with others.

    Mappe Of previously offered a peek into this personal and imaginative storybook with promising singles “Cavern’s Dark” and “Nimbin”. Today, he’s unveiled another preview in “Peaceful Ghosts”, a song that, as its title hints, at times provides a sense of comfort but also a longing for yesteryear. “You came to hold me in the dark,” Mappe Of sings, retelling an encounter with spectral beings. The track’s ambience immediately calls to mind the elegiac, near-heartbreak delicacy of acts like Bon Iver, Iron & Wine, and the now-defunct Australian outfit The Middle East.

    “This one was born out of an event of immense physical weakness,” Mappe Of explains to Consequence of Sound. “I recall the distinct image of shadows of close friends on my open bedroom door. That image triggered reflection on these moments that are so indicative of a friendship, these unforeseen trials that strip away the surface of a relationship and put the truth on display. In this case, it showed me something beautiful, something that felt fragile and innocent, and something I feel the need to protect.”


    Hear it below.

    A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone arrives July 28th through Paper Bag Records. Pre-order it here.

    A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone Album Artwork:

    paper108lppackshot may09 Rising folk songwriter Mappe Of is haunted by Peaceful Ghosts on new song    listen

    A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone Tracklist:
    01. Cavern’s Dark
    02. Nimbin
    03. Kaepora
    04. I. Scathefire
    05. Carbon’s Scores and Smoke
    06. Unfound
    07. II. Leaftail
    08. Ruin
    09. Peaceful Ghosts
    10. III. Cerulean

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