Swet Shop Boys deliver poignant performance of “T5” on Colbert: Watch

A topical song choice from their 2016 album, Cashmere, makes an extra impact with new verses


On Thursday, portions of Trump’s travel ban targeting travelers from six predominantly Muslim countries went into effect. Later that day, Swet Shop Boys made their TV debut and performed “T5”, a particularly topical song from their 2016 album, Cashmere.

Rapping about their shared experiences of being hassled by airport security, Riz MC and Heems bounced off each other with passionate verses while Redinho played percussion in the background. “Oh no, we’re in trouble/ TSA always wanna burst my bubble/ Always get a random check when I rock the stubble,” the chorus laments.

For further impact, the duo added extra verses to “T5”. Riz MC rapped, “London’s burning/ Trust funds are earning/ Trump’s under Russia’s thumb and I’m hurting/Talking about internment, banning me from traveling.”


Watch the powerful performance above.

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