Yonder Mountain String Band cover King Harvest’s “Dancing in the Moonlight” — listen

Taken from the progressive bluegrass band's forthcoming album Love. Ain't Love


Photo by​ ​Jay Blakesberg

​​Yonder Mountain String Band will release their new album, Love. Ain’t Love, on June 23rd via Frog Pad Records/Thirty Tigers. Produced by the band alongside longtime collaborator John McVey, the album follows 2015’s Black Sheep and once again features that effort’s lineup of Adam Aijala, Dave Johnston, Ben Kaufmann, Allie Kral and Jacob Jolliff.

Love. Ain’t Love finds the progressive bluegrass outfit touching on a number of genres for their “most ingenious studio collection thus far.” “It’s a little more eclectic,” Aijala said in a press release. “None of us grew up with bluegrass so there are always other influences in there. I think this record is a bit more reminiscent of our live show, with different genres and different types of songs.”

To that end, there’s the heavy-metal breakdown of “Take a Chance on Me”, the FM country pop of “Fall Outta Line”, and even a cover of King Harvest’s classic “Dancing in the Moonlight”. Jolliff provided vocals for their take on the 1972 hit, here presented as a folksy hootenanny on a cool summer evening. banjo and mandolin paint the atmosphere like flickering fireflies against the blue-black sky, while Kral’s violin twirls about the proceedings. Take a listen to the cover below.

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