Abbi and Illana meet for the first time in new Broad City season 4 trailer: Watch

It all began with an innocent MetroCard swipe


Back in 2011, taking an Uber everywhere in New York City wasn’t even a concept yet, and the subway system was (arguably) more reliable than it is today. According to the new trailer for season four of Broad City, that’s the setting where protagonists Abbi (Abbi Jacobson) and Illana (Illana Glazer) first met.

In the new clip, the future best friends connect when Abbi’s MetroCard has insufficient fare and Illana comes to her aid with a swipe. Of course, the good deed empties out Illana’s card just as her train is about to arrive. Undeterred, she hops over the turnstile to join Abbi. Together, they sprint past a man in a suit throwing up over the railing and a homeless man to just make it past the closing doors. In the original scenario, Abbi and Illana part ways and continue on with their lives, but then trailer rewinds with a prophetic prediction of President Donald Trump — with his last name bleeped out, of course — by the beggar.

During the second, more realistic version of their meeting, the suited man almost throws up on Illana, and the duo doesn’t make their train as a result. To top it off, there’s an announcement about service being suspended indefinitely just after they miss it. It all turns out for the better, however, as Illana and Abbi introduce themselves to each other and begin a beautiful friendship.

Broad City debuts September 13th on Comedy Central.

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