Aphex Twin shares collaboration with Korg synth engineer, “Korg Funk 5”: Stream

Created using exclusively Korg equipment, plus Richard D. James' son


Photo by Philip Cosores

It’s no surprise that Richard D. James, aka Aphex Twin, is a fan of Korg synthesizers given his extensive use of the instruments in his work. The electronic maven even went so far as to work with the company on their monologue synth, making sure it was one of the few devices to feature microtuning. James worked on the project with former Korg engineer and current advisor Tatsuya Takahashi. To prove the power of the monologue, the two teamed up on a new song called “Korg Funk 5”.

The track is a fun, lighthearted exploration of seven different Korg devices, including three monologues. It also features James’ son on vocals. Take a listen below.

“Korg Funk 5” was released alongside an interview/discussion between Aphex Twin and Takahashi. The two spend the lengthy conversation geeking out of technology and synthesizers, and you can read the whole thing here.

Aphex Twin also shared a few short custom scale-based tracks made with the Korg devices, which you can hear below.

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