Liam Gallagher on watching his brother open for U2: “I’d rather eat my own shit”

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds are set to open for U2's The Joshua Tree tour in Europe


    Liam Gallagher doesn’t really need to be coxed into throwing shade at his “potato” of a brother, Noel Gallagher. But gosh it’s fun to do it anyway, as one Twitter user found out when he poked the bear yesterday.

    User @tony_a_rogers asked Liam if he planned on attending U2’s upcoming shows in London, which will feature Noel’s High Flying Birds as openers. Of course, good ol’ Rogers likely already knew the answer, given Liam’s history of threatening his own kids if they ever went to his brother’s concert and calling Noel out for “brown nosing” U2. Still, the tweet led to another fecal reference from Liam:

    To be fair, Gallagher hasn’t spoken too kindly of U2 in recent years either, so those “beige fucks” performing “toff rock” could just as well be Bono and the boys. In fact, he took to Twitter again later in the day to lob more insults at the Irish rockers — though we might need Google Translate to figure out what he meant.

    Though this one was pretty clear:

    We can wait to see what Liam has to say about Noel’s upcoming solo album, which drops just one month after Liam’s own solo debut, As You Were. 20 to one it has something to do with poop. The Potato Wars continue.