Michael Phelps just raced against a great white shark on national TV

The greatest Olympian has finally met his match


    To kick off this year’s installment of Shark Week, Discovery paid Michael Phelps a boatload of money to race against an actual great white shark.

    (Well, technically he against a computer-simulated shark based on a complex data formula, but then again was this guy really going to risk a limb with the 2020 Olympics on his mind?)

    Spoiler: He lost — but not by that much. The most decorated Olympian of all time swam the 100 meter race at a blistering 38.1 seconds — just two seconds less than the great white.

    Prior to his race against the great white shark, Phelp got a chance to warmup against a reef shark (who he actually beat!) and a hammerhead shark.

    Replay Phelps’ epic battle against the great white shark below: