Nirvana once filmed a music video at a Radio Shack: Watch

They had recorded their first proper demo the day before


Before Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic settled on calling themselves Nirvana, they ran through a series of other band names. For a short period in early 1988, they went by the moniker Ted Ed Fred, during which time they recorded their first proper demo with Melvins drummer Dale Crover manning the kit. They also filmed a music video at, of all places, an Aberdeen, Washington Radio Shack. Now, years later, footage of the performance has surfaced on YouTube.

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The vintage recording shows Crover playing “live” drums while Cobain and Novoselic lip sync along to the track and pretend to play their instruments to great effect. Midway through the video, they even experiment with using smoke to enhance the performance.

Watch the previously unseen video above to get an early look at Kurt Cobain and co.

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