Ty Segall releases new surprise EP, Fried Shallots

All proceeds from the six-track effort will benefit the ACLU


Photo by Amanda Koellner

Staying true to his prolific nature, Ty Segall has returned today with a brand new EP. Named Fried Shallots, it follows his Sentimental Goblin EP in March and his self-titled album from January.

According to a press release, Fried Shallots is “a handful of numbers from different times and places over the past few years that all work together in a weird way.” It spans six tracks, with titles such as “Big Man”, “Dust”, “Is It Real”, and “Another Hustle”.

Fried Shallots is available for digital purchase on Bandcamp today, while a physical release is scheduled for August 25th. All sales will benefit the ACLU, “whose defense of our rights is badly needed now — especially in the face of the government pigs who don’t care about the constitution and are determined to thin our herd so that they and their corporate sugar-daddies can grow ever fatter off the deprivations of the common man-clan!”

Check out the EP artwork and full tracklist below.

Fried Shallots EP Artwork:

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Fried Shallots Tracklist:
01. Big Man
02. Dust
03. When The Gulls Turn To Ravens
04. Is It Real
05. Another Hustle
06. Talkin’

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