Bruce Willis is a gun-toting “guardian angel” in trailer for Eli Roth’s Death Wish remake: Watch

Chicago's gun violence epidemic will unfortunately serve as the backdrop to this tale of vengeance


Well, here’s one way to address gun violence in Chicago: Have a white dude barge into dangerous neighborhoods and tear people down with assault rifles, then have its residents tearfully proclaim him a “guardian angel.”

“We gotta talk about what’s happening in Chicago,” a radio personality says at the top of the trailer for Eli Roth’s remake of the Charles Bronson-starring 1974 movie Death Wish. He’s talking about a vigilante, but it’s hard not to imagine our current President saying the same thing before threatening to send in federal troops. We then meet Bruce Willis’ vengeful protagonist, a one-man army seeking vengeance for the murder of his wife and the sexual assault of his daughter by literally walking up to people on the street and shooting them. Watch the trailer above.

Sure, they’re bad guys and all, but, as a Chicago resident who reads every day about more and more about the epidemic of gun violence in my city, this whole thing just makes me feel kinda queasy. This isn’t the sort of thing I want to see exploited for whiz-bang entertainment, especially when Roth seems to be approaching the thing with the smirk of someone who’s more familiar with the camp with Death Wish 3 than the grimness of the film’s original incarnation.

Roth told Yahoo Movies of the film: “People that are fans of my other movies will not be disappointed when they go to see Death Wish but it’s not Hostel 4. Man on Fire is not a body count movie. Unforgiven is not a body count movie. Sicario is not a body count movie. [A] History of  Violence, Eastern Promises, these are all the inspirations… I wanted to make an awesome action-revenge [movie].”

Joe Carnahan penned the script, and Vincent D’Onofrio, Dean Norris, and Jack Kesy co-star. Death Wish opens on November 20th.

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