The Dark Tower Failed Stephen King and Idris Elba

The Losers head to Mid-World and find other worlds than these

The Dark Tower, Sony, Idris Elba, Tom Taylor
The Dark Tower (Sony)

    “The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed…”

    Constant Listeners, drop what you’re doing and head straight to the Dutch Hill mansion. It’s time to leave Keystone Earth and step into Mid-World, where you’ll witness the ensuing battle between Roland Deschain and the ever-evasive Man in Black.

    Join us as The Losers’ Club discuss Nikolaj Arcel’s adaptation of The Dark Tower. We’ll share what we loved, what we hated, and what made us cringe. What’s more, we’ll dump out a new Bag of Bones by answering your questions surrounding the film.

    Listen above and never forget the face of your father.

    Chapters include: Intro, Background (3:10), Zeroes and Villains (32:50), The Director’s Chair (53:20), Page to Screen (1:06:00), The Score (1:10:20), King’s Dominion (1:15:20), Overall Thoughts (1:25:25), Bag of Bones (1:37:00), Outro (1:55:45).



    The Dark Tower Trailer:

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