Lucas Oswald is “Starving” for solace on new single: Stream

Shearwater and The Appleseed Cast member to release his sophomore solo LP, Whet, next month


    Photo by Emma Tinker-Fortel

    Lucas Oswald has spent much of his music career playing to the whims of other artists. He’s been a member of The Appleseed Cast and Shearwater, most recently spending a good deal of time on the road with the latter. As if being on the road with a highly-active outfit weren’t enough, Oswald found himself moving three times in the span of 18 months. It all took its toll, mentally and financially, but he found solace in one thing: writing his new solo album.

    Whet, Oswald’s second solo full-length, is set for a September 1st release via Cosmic Dreamer Music. The album finds the singer-songwriter reaching out to grab hold of some form of stability, especially in his own artistic expression. New single “Starving”, for example, came about as he wrestled with his own creative output, taking a song he loved and completely reworking it just to make it work. At the same time, the track’s lyrics find Oswald fighting his own mental demons, the ones that try to replace your personal value with the fear of abandonment.


    As Oswald tells Consequence of Sound,

    “Toward the end of tracking Whet, I made the tough call to ditch a song that just wasn’t coming together like the others. I was really attached to the groove we’d laid down and I didn’t wanna lose that. So I kept the drum take and wrote a completely new song around it in the weeks to come. It went from being this uplifting piano ballad to something totally moody and vulnerable. ‘Starving’ is about how your mental health can put strain on your close relationships, and warp the way you perceive your place in other people’s lives. There’s a sense of crippling paranoia and a general fear of abandonment all throughout the tune. I wrote it right after moving to a new city, during a pretty nerve-ridden phase of my life. I’d lost a lot of weight and wasn’t sleeping. I guess the song’s about keeping your head above water.”

    Take a listen:

    Pre-orders for Whet are going on now via Bandcamp.


    Whet Tracklist:
    01. I Believe In Trying
    02. Dark On Us
    03. A Long Long Year
    04. Open Me Up
    05. Colors That I Like
    06. Starving
    07. Feel It Again
    08. Passenger

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